waxhands , waxed hands, sandart , candleart , angels , snowman and more crafts from prettycrafty

    If you are in need of a great time at your next event Pretty Crafty, LLC can keep your party hopping with excitement of Wax Hands and other interesting "Hands On" activities! ALSO, Pretty Crafty, LLC has been selling Wax Hand Machines since 1995 with free training (see further below). FOR HIGH QUALITY SERVICE AND PRODUCTS OF WAX HANDS, LASER SILICONE OR LASER LEATHER WRISTBANDS, LASER ART, PHOTO KEYCHAINS, MILITARY DOG TAGS (LASERED OR STAMPED), RICE WRITING JEWELRY, AND MORE ~ CALL (513) 307-6050. Or email cindy@waxhand.com Pretty Crafty, LLC has excellent trained teams in surrounding areas of Chicago, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, California providing excellent service for Colleges, Corporate Events, Schools, Post Proms, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and Private Parties carries $2,000,000 coverage of Commercial Insurance. Main Attraction - WAX HANDS - A Unique CLEAN PROCESS. Many people have experienced messy aftermaths of having Wax Hands at their event - THIS IS NOT THE PROCESS USED - If my company makes a mess - You do not have to pay for services!! Guaranteed!! CLEAN! No Mess left behind by personnel! Interested in Wax Hands Business?? Pretty Crafty, LLC does not just sell you a machine. The machine comes with FREE complete business training on knowledge of the business, the wax, and the wax process for a professional finished waxed hand. Offering full training to give you the success you want. Other companies may claim that you can melt wax quickly - this is not true. This is both dangerous and produces loss of properties in your wax/or burning. You receive knowledge of the wax hands process/proper wax and colors/waxing infants/etc. Beware of companies that just sell wax melters (these can be dangerous to operate as a waxhand activity for the skin). It is VERY important that you have knowledge of these areas so you run a business properly without harming people and also it is very important in producing a high quality product for "return" customers. The wax hands machines offered - 2 different HIGH TECH COMPUTERIZED SYSTEMS (new compact system is the best computerized machine on the market today). Also, OFFERING DIFFERENT DESIGNS IN THE WATER JACKET SYSTEMS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS (MOBILE OR STATIONED). You will learn which wax and colorings produce the highest quality of wax hand creations. Water Jacket and Computerized Systems are available in standard sizes, portable mobile sizes, and cabinet stations. I design according to your needs. Scroll down to middle of this page for computerized high tech machine information. The high tech wax hand machine we offer is has the latest computerized automatic tuning control panels. Smarter LOGIC is a well known trademark in the computerized industry. Pretty Crafty, LLC strives to keep up with the latest controllers. OUR MACHINERY IS EQUAL IN TEMPERATURE IN ALL THE SLEEVES UNLIKE SOME OTHER MACHINES THAT ARE COMPUTERIZED WITH OTHER TYPE OF HEATING SYSTEMS. BEWARE: If you read of machinery for wax hands showing you to have temperatures at above 155 degrees this is not safe and too hot. Scalding is at the temperature of 160 degrees. You can verify this through your local children’s hospital or burn center on temperatures and skin contact!!! We are very concerned of the companies that have just emerged selling candle making equipment and using such uneven temperature in the different compartments of one unit and the high temperature degrees used as well!! These are NOT SAFE! Ask the companies to give credentials and proof as to “how long” they have been doing wax hands and selling machines (have they done wax hands) and ask for references. We can provide this! We have built and sold machines to well known companies such as RIPLEY'S Believe It Or Not Museum (Niagara Falls and Gatlinburg), The Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds, Third Planet, Yankee Candle, Lion Country Safari, and more since 1995.
**CLICK HERE** TO GO PREVIEW WHAT WE OFFER ON ENTERTAINMENT ACTIVITES, pricing, information and package discounts on these "Unique Activity Events" for our Military Dog Tags, Motion Photo Key Chains, FunTime Photo Frames, Wax Hands, Wax Flowers, Sand Art, Candle Art, Airbrush Tattoo's, Sandy Candy, Writing on Rice Jewelry, Laser Silicone Wristbands, Laser Leather Wristbands. All these activities can make your party a great success as well as a very memorable event.
**CLICK HERE** TO VIEW THE WATER JACKET MACHINE Or if you are in need of our "Highest Quality" Wax Hand Casting Wax.  READ FURTHER DOWN THE PAGE FOR DIFFERENT STYLES OF OUR HIGH TECH COMPUTERIZED MACHINE PHOTOS AND MORE INFORMATION -Check out our economical Wax Hand Vat Machine's for sale. We have professionally made, unique wax hand systems available for entertainment needs. Please email us for the pictures if interested in other styles we have produced for other companies.
**Click Here** for Important Information TO THOSE OUTSIDE THE U.S.A. needing equipment (EXCEPT CANADA).
waxhands , sandart , candleart , angels , snowman and more crafts from prettycrafty
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waxhands , sandart , candleart , angels , snowman and more crafts from prettycrafty

waxhands , sandart , candleart , angels , snowman and more crafts from prettycrafty

Wax Hands for All Ages!
Wax Hands is a "Hands-On" Craft. We specialize in many events including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Colleges, Corporate Events, Fund Raisers for your church festivals, Private Parties, After Proms, School Functions, and we also handle all the training you need (we provide on-site training free of charge too) with leads, video tape or DVD, and instructional guide to make Wax Hands; all the contacts and 1-800 numbers for product supplies to be on your own as well as making Waxed Hand Candles and Hands of Stone. Our wax hand machines are very compact for traveling and you only need one machine to produce over 100 hands an hour with the proper manpower and our systematic production method. Again, we completely support you in the learning process so you can be successful! After training, we would hope that you are interested coming aboard our team as a free lance worker under our company in your area when you are not busy with your own wax hand company created by our training. We are always looking for professional ambitious and honest people to hire. 
Wax Hands can be Highly Profitable for your next event...
  Click Here to read about our company of Wax Hands plus more activities offered for Events, Corporate Parties, College Events, School or Church Fund Raisers, Private Parties, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah events.

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This is just so neat and COOL
This is an awesome "Hands On" Craft for All Ages (no one's too young or too old) - We had the honors of doing a 9 day old infant at the GE Gas Turbin's Corporate Party in South Carolina!...
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Wax Vat Machine

Training Course Information

Wax Hand Examples Below.

Party - Myrtle Beach

Air Brushed Banner Sign $95.00. Call (812) 637-5574 for more details on how to customize your sign for your own business.

Safe for Small Children - All Ages

St. Jude Research

The purple love sign

Large Corporation Party Running 5 Machines with 10 Wax Hand Lines

Waxed Hand Glowing

Hand Holding Cell Phone

Waxed Hand Candles

Wax Hands Of All Kinds


Annual VIPS Family Retreat Weekend


Click here - for our Training Course information that comes FREE with any machine purchase.  I am offering people who choose not to buy a machine from us, our training package that includes a tutorial video or DVD that walks you through the whole process of "how to" do wax hands business successfully, step by step instructions on casting hands with wax (all different hand gestures, plus holding hands after coloring each individual hand (with our high quality wax we can join hands at the end of the process), instructional documentation that has all the information on the manufactures of supplies you will need in your area or nearest to you (phone numbers, contacts, product code numbers, etc.). All this (video or DVD and book) for $1500. If you choose to buy a machine from us, the training package comes free with the machine. We have had many people come to us for insurance, dyes, and wax information. We used to allow bits of information to those who have purchased other machines by other companies (some parts of our training package). Since this is not fair to those who have been customers of ours that paid for the machine that includes the training, we no longer disclose details. We can sell the training package with all information on insurance, contracts, leads for jobs, products numbers for dyes, waxes, etc. with 1-800 numbers for $1500. We also sell the blue prints to make your own machines. The people of our past dealings have all been pleased and we can offer up to 5 references to those who are serious buyers. You can see how well we have trained and informed these folks who now have successful businesses. When you buy from us, we don't just sell you a machine, we sell you a "business" as well. Our goal is to have you succeed and not have to go through trail and error to succeed. We already did that for you, this way you have the advantage to be successful sooner. If you need financing on your purchase we have a financial institution representative to meet these needs (your credit must be "good standing" to qualify).
The training package from us tells you what you need to know, what products work to obtain the highest quality hands, plus you receive full tech support by email or telephone for questions that may arise. The book also include directions on "How To" make Wax Hand Candles, Plaster Hand Castings, Hands of Stone, and more.

  • Price List For Wax Hands

  *Note * Don't forget - Your machine includes the DVD or VHS video, the "How To" book, contacts, on-sight training (if desired), and knowledge of maintenance, plus phone support as long as you own the machine. The water jacket unit (shown airbrushed) is $3950 w/o artwork applied. (artwork extra). This machine is the most economical and vey simple to operate!! The High Tech unit is $5400. The mini high tech unit is $4900. Shipping charges within the U.S.A. vary. We can tell you the exact amount it would cost you to ship your system to you before it goes out. The high tech unit includes the same free training package as the water jacket unit does. Shipping is based on your location (business or residential), scheduling delivery, and weight on the pallet. If you choose to come to the free on-sight training you could save the freight fee.
$1500. package: For this package you receive: A Video OR DVD and documents of full instructions on "How To Do Wax Hands" along with all contacts for high quality products needed to run the business. You can buy your own "system" elsewhere but will still benefit from our training and product line we use for high quality, brilliant colored, wax hands. Our computerized equipment will not be under-sold. For international orders and other folks with special needs, we can provide our blue prints on the "water jacket" styles we have designed by Pretty Crafty, LLC for you to build your own unit.
We offer the secure payment method throughMake payments for Wax Hand with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
We have a finance team who can offer financing to those who need financed for machine purchase.
We accept Master, Visa, and Discover Credit Cards.
812.637.5574. Visa Master Card Discover

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